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"It's The Other Guy"




Great gift for that business person in your life

Find the perfect clients for your business 

Ever find yourself working with an unfair, unreasonable and

impossible to please customer or client?

Are there certain people you wished you’d said “no” to, but thought

you HAD to say “yes?”

Well those days are over

It's The Other Guy is about spotting those Red Flag customers early so
you don't have to pull your hair out working with them!

You’ll see who the good guys are, the clients you’ll love.
You’ll be able to recognize the customers who will make you and
your staff glad you said “yes” to working with them.

It’s the Other Guy will show you how to Say Goodbye to Bad Clients,
Hello to Bigger Profits and a Better Life!

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It’s The Other Guy brewed inside me for forty years as I built        my Inc. 5000 business.

I wondered why some client projects were successful, enjoyable and             rewarding, while others were overrun by problems, bad feelings                 and lower profits.

If you've ever been tempted to blame yourself for jobs that turned sideways, I say, “it’s not you, It's The Other Guy!”

I will show you how to spot a “Red Flag” prospect and how to build a business that is a joy to run.

Don’t let the red flags drag down your success. I will show you how to choose your clients instead of accepting just anyone who comes your way.