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   Looking for new book support stories

If you have one you would like to share with me and my readers please send it along to

I enjoy getting real life stories from friends to include in my books, I have two new books ahead that could use your help, one is called "FORGIVENESS ON THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS" which is a book about how so many people hang on to the bad moments in life so long they ruin their future, a parent who doesn't speak to a child for years because of something that happened so long ago, friends who can't forgive each other to remain friends, all the bad times we can't release to make us happier people, if you have a story along these lines I would love to hear it and share it for others to see

Another book I am working on is called "THE NEWTON EFFECT" which is a book about change, the power of change, and how change can turn our life around in a very positive way, and how at times we are afraid of the unknown to make changes we know will make us happier people, if you have every experienced this I would love to know your story and share it in my book

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Afloat on a Salt Water Dream

Something I wrote in 1973 on a beach in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

afloat on a salt water dream

butterflies of sailboats

 whisper across the water

with but the wind’s direction

 the sun’s meaning

beaming bright

 the sails tell stories of journey

 and beauty rested within

I wonder

    (as they struggle in gusts

 to remain afloat)

   how far off am I from floating away

to the sea

   in the sky

and if I capsize

   (if only to learn the limit)

will I be able to stand again

 and sail as proud

as my friend with wings of cloth

   strong enough to capture direction

 flexible to change with it

  afloat on a salt water dream

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